skins4life49 asked:

I am looking for the cheapest option. I have tried looking at bus schedules and they are pretty difficult to understand. Here’s the deal:

On June 1st at 10 pm in Rimini is the One Festival at Cocoricò that I would very much like to attend. It should be noted that I get out of class at 12:30 pm.

So I am looking for a bus that would leave Florence in the early afternoon and arrive at Rimini sometime before 10 pm on June 1st. I’m pretty sure that the bus would have to go through Bologna in order to get to Rimini. Maybe take a bus there, then a separate bus to Rimini? Any ideas would help. If not, there’s always the train (Trenitalia).

If I did do the train, it would be 71 euro round trip, then when you add in the hostel at 25 euro, and the concert ticket at 35 euro…131 euro!! I like The Bloody Beetroots, but not that much!

Ashley asked:

I went to a festival this summer that went from july to august. The festival had live music, a dance floor, food and drinks. Does anyone know the name of the festival? I cant find out the name anywhere! also a band played there one night. I don’t remember the name and I don’t expect anyone to know but the band had a guy playing the sax, they all had tattoos and they sounded kind of like sublime. they also did a cover of the spice girls. lol. If anyone has any clue the name of the band and the festival that would be amazing!
I saw the band either august 2 or 3. the members were covered with tattoos.. one had playing cards tattooed on his arm and another member had a very colorful arm. they played the sax and the trumpet and they sounded like of like sublime. please, someone know who they are!

Black Keys asked:

Mine would be:

The Black Keys
Dave Matthews Band
Foo Fighters
The Roots
Bon Iver
Iron & Wine
Ray LaMontagne
Florence & the Machine

aksl25 asked:

I just need a web page because I need to take notes on the page and site it for a bibliography

its also a religious festival

but i need only a site


Does anyone have the presale code for Florence + The Machine’s Melbourne concert at Festival Hall on the 3rd of August 2010?

agoseta asked:

We would stay at Bagni di Pisa (health giving waters are still offered to an international clientele) and visit Pisa during one of the city’s festivals, staying at Lungo river Arno palace to enjoy the best view of the festivities

Do you know a Villa which has hosted many illustrious guests such as Gustavus III of Sweden, Christian II of Denmark, the Royal Family of Great Britain, Benedict Stuart Cardinal of York, General Murat, Luigi Buonaparte, Paolina Borghese, Carlo Alberto of Savoy, the poets Byron and Shelley, and various other personages from the history books ?


For me:
1. Florence and the Machine
3. Muse
4. Arcade Fire
5. The Killers
6. Feist
7. The Black Keys
8. Lady Gaga
9. Cage the Elephant
10. Beach House

Marisol asked:

that florence hosts every year? plz help me out!!

The Floo Network [destrokkin'] asked:

Okay so I though this would be a really fun thing to do….. and I’m going to do it, even if no one else answers XD

It’s for a festival or music event.
Make it as SIMPLE or as DETAILED as you want.

You must include:
1. The name of the festival
2. Top Ten bands you want at your festival
3. Location (in a hall, outside, on a beach)
4. The festival’s ‘dress code’ (smart, casual etc)
BONUS – anything else you want to include?

Okay, here’s mine.
1. Jay’s by the Sea

2. MGMT, The Drums, Passion Pit, Bloc Party, Empire of the Sun, Vampire Weekend, Florence + the Machine, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and finally Lisa Mitchel (not that she is near my favourite, but she’s a great festival chick)

3. It would be on the beach, in the summer

4. Casual, (must wear something Floral or a head scarf)

Bonus… There would be many different stages, probably 5. Then two bands would be allocated to a set stage for the day and they would alternate every few songs.
No set seating and no VIP sections.