How To Feel At Home Anywhere

Home is where the heart is, apparently. But I think everybody knows that we all need a little bit more than our heart to make a location our home. Property expert Tim Manning states that homes provide us with comfort, familiarity and safety. Everybody needs a place to call their own, but sometimes may find ourselves in situations where we’re not exactly at home anymore. Whether we’re in between moves, staying with relatives, on a long term holiday or extended business trip we may need some home comforts that these places simply don’t provide. Here is a small guide on how to feel at home anywhere you go.

  • Downsize your Belongings

Get rid of the unnecessary clutter that clouds your mind about what is really important and what are merely filler possessions.  Maybe you love books, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep every single one that you read. Giving things away can provide others with joy and pass on your love to others. The same rule goes for clothes, if you no longer wear it – consider donating. By reducing the amount of stuff you own you will feel more at home with the smaller amount of possessions you have, and you’re more capable of bring everything with you easily.

  • Keep Pictures on You

Save physical copies of images that mean a lot to you, and decorate your space with them. These happy memories will fill whatever room you inhabit and allow you to feel a little bit at home anywhere you go. Photos of your friends and family are an instant way to feel at home. And no, Instagram and Facebook don’t work as well.

  • Make it smelly!

Did you know that memories are most commonly triggered by smells? We’ve all had the feeling where we smell an old perfume we used to wear two summers ago and we’re instantly transported back to being 22 and spending weeks wasted on cheap wine on some beach somewhere.  Use this trick to improve your homely feeling by bringing candles and other substances that you enjoyed at home into your space. This can provide a lot of comfort and help you feel like your new space is comfortable and inviting, just as your old place may have been.

While it may be scary to leave a home for something else, it can be an exciting chance to discover new and better things. Our true discoveries come from chaos and while it can be nice to enjoy some memories it’s better to look forward and find new experiences to colour your life with.



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