Florence festival at the fortezza da basso?

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Ashley asked:

I went to a festival this summer that went from july to august. The festival had live music, a dance floor, food and drinks. Does anyone know the name of the festival? I cant find out the name anywhere! also a band played there one night. I don’t remember the name and I don’t expect anyone to know but the band had a guy playing the sax, they all had tattoos and they sounded kind of like sublime. they also did a cover of the spice girls. lol. If anyone has any clue the name of the band and the festival that would be amazing!
I saw the band either august 2 or 3. the members were covered with tattoos.. one had playing cards tattooed on his arm and another member had a very colorful arm. they played the sax and the trumpet and they sounded like of like sublime. please, someone know who they are!

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It was In Fortezza.

Here is website:

Hope it helps.

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