Help! I need to get from Florence (Italy) to Rimini. Any suggestions?

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skins4life49 asked:

I am looking for the cheapest option. I have tried looking at bus schedules and they are pretty difficult to understand. Here’s the deal:

On June 1st at 10 pm in Rimini is the One Festival at Cocoricò that I would very much like to attend. It should be noted that I get out of class at 12:30 pm.

So I am looking for a bus that would leave Florence in the early afternoon and arrive at Rimini sometime before 10 pm on June 1st. I’m pretty sure that the bus would have to go through Bologna in order to get to Rimini. Maybe take a bus there, then a separate bus to Rimini? Any ideas would help. If not, there’s always the train (Trenitalia).

If I did do the train, it would be 71 euro round trip, then when you add in the hostel at 25 euro, and the concert ticket at 35 euro…131 euro!! I like The Bloody Beetroots, but not that much!

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Ciaooo io sono italiana!!! Anche io quest’estate vado a Rimini! Vai √® bellissimo!!! :) Un bacio!

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