Create your own music festival! What would YOUR ultimate line-up (list of bands) be?


The Floo Network [destrokkin'] asked:

Okay so I though this would be a really fun thing to do….. and I’m going to do it, even if no one else answers XD

It’s for a festival or music event.
Make it as SIMPLE or as DETAILED as you want.

You must include:
1. The name of the festival
2. Top Ten bands you want at your festival
3. Location (in a hall, outside, on a beach)
4. The festival’s ‘dress code’ (smart, casual etc)
BONUS – anything else you want to include?

Okay, here’s mine.
1. Jay’s by the Sea

2. MGMT, The Drums, Passion Pit, Bloc Party, Empire of the Sun, Vampire Weekend, Florence + the Machine, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and finally Lisa Mitchel (not that she is near my favourite, but she’s a great festival chick)

3. It would be on the beach, in the summer

4. Casual, (must wear something Floral or a head scarf)

Bonus… There would be many different stages, probably 5. Then two bands would be allocated to a set stage for the day and they would alternate every few songs.
No set seating and no VIP sections.

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1. Revolution
2. Immortal Technique, Tupac, Dead Prez, Mos Def, Jedi Mind Tricks, Diabolic, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, John Lennon, Public Enemy.
3. Outside in a Colosseum kind of thing.
4. Diverse. (Wear clothes from different countries, etc.)

Chocheepo Guda

1. This is not a festival

2. Killswitch engage, Lamb of God, Linkin Park, Eminem, breaking Benjamin, Avenge Sevenfold, Draft Punk, by brother cuz he will force me to let him on stage, Queen, Kansas

3.It would be on the ocean, far away from civilization, drifting on something that can drift

4. casual boring plain

Bonus- lots of food FOOD dessert more food and a weapons shop and obama


1. Last Meeting with Mother Nature

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, 311, Whoever Mike Patton is performing with these days, Ben Harper, Kevin Spacey performing Bobby Darin’s hits, and Coldplay.

3. Laguna Beach, with a special stage and seating area set up, everything being possibe that can be velvet is black velvet, and everything else is just black.

4. Formal, like nice button ups and black slacks.

There would only be like 200 to 300 guests to keep it intimate. and it lasts 3 days.


1. The “Dance Like Your Pants Are On Fire” Festival

2. (A lot of these are pretty local bands):
The first is without a doubt All Time Low, Short Stack, For Our Hero, Mumford & Sons, Because They Can, The Sunnyside Up, Parachute, The Pretty Reckless, Amy Meredith, Greg Laswell.

3. Outside in a big field. The stage would have to be long though, it was so annoying at Soundwave how they were small as and so many people were there, it was just too hard.

4. Anything or nothing, whatever they like, as long as they’d be having fun.



1. “Expect the expected” and the tagline is “It’s just another festival in the middle of nowhere”

2. The Libertines, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Cut Copy, Robyn, MGMT, Kasabian, Mumford and Sons, Phoenix and Franz Ferdinand

3. Somewhere between Norwich and Ipswich, out on a field.

4. Summery casual clothes

Bonus. Free beer for everyone

Bart S

2) Vampire Weekend, Beach House, Dream Tribes, La Roux, Neon Indian, Of Montreal, Empire of the sun, Klaxons, Mgmt, Passion Pit.
3) On a private island
4) Hipsterwear and lots of girls in bikinis (yeah)

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